As a leader in state of the art robotics, Mobot Robotics LLC., is introducing a new line of retail and "point of purchase" animated robots (animatronics) called POP-bots!

POP-bots! are exciting animatronic characters used for "in store" promotion to create:

  • excitement
  • consumer awareness
  • and enhance the impulse buying motivation of consumers.

POP-bots! can be created to look like any company's product or character. These motion sensor activated characters:

  • wink
  • blink
  • wave
  • jump
  • spin or twirl
  • most importantly talk to your customers
  • and say whatever you'd like them to say!

Mobot technology makes these delightful pitchmen very robust but very, very animated. Our marketing professionals have more than 25 years experience in grocery and retail point of purchase merchandising and have joined with Mobot to make POP-bots!

  • inexpensive
  • safe
  • and compelling for any in-store climate.

For more information about POP-bots! contact

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